Tight control of design and construction costs
    Effective management of construction schedule
    One source accountability
    Quick turn around between design / construction / completion

Since we offer both design and construction, there are many advantages for a homeowner who chooses to use the design/build approach.

Design/build is philosophy that merges all that is best from design, and construction, and puts it squarely within a single point of client contact where there are no excuses, no maybes, just taking responsibility.

1. An idea is hatched - It often begins with a few scribbles on the back of a napkin in a coffee shop.

2. The phone rings - Our first teleconference is designed to learn what your needs are and to give you some perspective on how we work.

3. Planning Conference - This one or two hour brainstorming session often brings out broad outlines and small details where at its conclusion all concerned have a working idea of the client’s goals, budget and timeline.

4. How much is it going to cost - The short answer: a lot! An answer to any question about cost would be like asking how much someone paid per pound for their car? Hard to answer unless you know what they drive, a Hugo or a Mercedes. With a little homework, we're able to accurately budget for what the project will cost, and propose procedural tips that will help to maximize value. When you're ready, we take measurements of your home and the serious conceptualization and planning begins.

5. Design Proposal - We create a detailed visual package. Written specifications, work timelines, payment schedules, and material samples move the venture from the inception to reality.

6. Client Review - We walk through the details of the proposal with you and encourage you to voice questions and concerns. We also plan around your lifestyle and schedule needs during construction.

7. Construction Documents and Selections - Once the contract has met with your approval, we prepare construction documents for our building and procurement team while you take a closer look at materials, appliances, colors and other aspects of the finished work.

8. Pre-Construction Conference - Architect, project manager, and trade partners meet with you at your home to talk through details. When your architect is also the owner of the firm, you can be sure the design ideas we've agreed upon will be our highest priority.

9. Construction - Our crews and trade partners are not only tops in the business, but you'll also find them personable and helpful. Respecting your property and lifestyle is a constant guideline as is continual communication with you, including our online "In Progress" section of our Web site for your convenience.

10. Walk-through... With final punch list in hand, we tour the newest dimension of your home with you, fine-tuning as needed