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To Whom It May Concern –

Some comments about Design Construction Concepts can't be expressed in a multiple choice format.

When DCC becomes involved with your job, they are more than a contractor. Example: they found that some things the builder should have done (we have a condominium) but hadn't. If it wasn't too large or complicated, they simply corrected what the builder should have done without asking any questions. This enabled the job to proceed more quickly in the early stages. As far as we know, they didn't charge us for this.

It wasn't long before we developed more than a business relationship – it was more like family. Many times they suggested a better or less expensive way of doing something. If our schedule was affected, they always explained why. If they told us they would be at our place at a certain time, they always were, or if they couldn't the DCC office called to rearrange.

The DCC people with whom we had a daily contact, Cato the Project Manager and Adele the Office Support person kept things moving smoothly day by day.

When moving cabinetry or tools around their subs always laid down floor covering. Through the whole project the sub-contractors were unfailingly neat and cleaned up before they left for the day.

Whenever the inevitable crisis occurred, someone from DCC, usually Cato, was here to instantly fix it.

In summary, we would have no hesitation recommending DCC for their reliability, professionalism, expertise and concern.

Jerry abd Ruthie Hecktman

Thank you for another job well done.

Nancy Yacyshyn

I couldn’t be happier with your service & professionalism.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Ellen and Leo Bell

It has been a true pleasure working with you and your company. Melissa and I have been very satisfied with all aspects of your work and professionalism.

 Marc and Melissa Spellman

…from day one, we have felt a sense of caring and friendship and for this we are most grateful.  We can’t thank you enough, not only for the wonderful job you and your group have done to make this our home, but for your thoughtfulness and understanding throughout this whole project.  We look forward to seeing you soon so we can share our joy in our new home with you…Thank you so very much.

Ruthie and Jerry Hecktman

“It was a pleasure wokring with DCC - we are so happy!”

Julie & Cort Lewis

“Thanks for a job well done.”

Michelle & Roy Taylor

“Thank you so much for the beautiful mesuzah and the way in which you presented it to us at the new home. It was the perfect finishing touch!  We appreciate everything that all of you have done to help bring our dream to reality.  You have always been kind and professional and we hope that you will all visit us in our new home - And not just when things aren’t working!  Wishing all of you and your families a beautiful holiday season and a New year filled with peace, good health and happiness.”

Keith, Marci, Jacob, Michael and Jordan

Dear Andy:
On behalf of the Nemetz family, we are thrilled to share with you and your team our absolute satisfaction with all of the elements of our extensive home remodeling project.

From the very beginning, the selection of a ‘partner’ to guide us through both the design and building aspects of our project were very important to us. You demonstrated an ability to articulate how DCC was a company with a proven track record of satisfied clients. As important, you were critical thinkers as to how best to approach our remodeling project with a value mindset. Every element of our project was managed on time and on budget by skilled craftsman, who took nothing for granted, and always ensured that all bases are covered.

As you know, living in your home during a remodeling project is not easy. Nonetheless, you helped us make the best of this situation and we never regretted for one moment your approach to the work and the distraction of having workmen around every week for almost 7 months.

Most families who approach remodeling projects are very limited in their experience working with firms in this sector. Fortunately for us we have experience in this area, and quite frankly, DCC surpassed our expectations.

Recently, after the long awaited conclusion of the reinvention of our home, we held an important family event for our family. We were very proud to host everyone and equally delighted to see how beautiful our home had become.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to our project. Please share with your entire team how much we appreciate the DCC personal touch. As our daughter recently said one morning, “where are those construction guys? It’s not the same around here without them!”

Well done! We look forward to Phase II in the next year.
With warm regards,

Harriet & Jeffrey Nemetz

Dear Andy,
Congratulations on a job well done.  It is nice to be finished and the end result is spectacular.
It is always nice to finish on time, on budget and still be friends.
Thanks for all of your help.

Best wishes,

Ron Feingold

In this day and age of instant communication—faxes, email, instant messages, call phones—one form of communication takes effort, thought, and time: the personal letter.

While the final payment on a project keeps DCC's business engine running, it's the letters of appreciation that fuel Michael Menn and Andy Poticha's enthusiasm and love for their work.

Thank you! The space has been painted and looks great! Looking forward to our next project.


Thank you for all the work. It's great.

Jill S Joselit

Dear Andy & Michael,
Thank you for everything. It has been a pleasure.

M & B

It has now been about 2.5 years since we moved into our bedroom, and I wanted to write you a note and tell you that although we may have exceeded our budget by a small amount, the results have been well worth the expense, and there is nothing that I am sorry that you did.

After 2.5 years, I still find little touches that you put in the room that you never find in anyone else's house, never-the-less their bedroom, and they never cease to bring enjoyment. My wife tells me that little things like hardware on the doors were extra expenses, but in looking at them, the hardware looks exactly the same as it did the first day, and I've never been in a house, apartment or suite that had such outstanding touches. In addition to that, probably the best thing about my bedroom is that all of the things such as the heated floor, the lighting, and everything else has worked perfectly. Nothing has broke or doesn't work, and it is nice to have a bedroom that you can come home to without worrying about what will break next. In looking back, I think that your job was outstanding. For that I thank you very much.

Jim Mills

I am writing this letter to thank you again for participating in NSSED's Job Shadow Program this school year.  The students that met with you and toured your organization and a construction site really enjoyed the experience.  We really appreciate you and your staff taking time out of your busy schedules to share with us what your jobs and your workplace is like.  Allowing students the opportunity to peek in to the real world of work is a very valuable experience as it helps them make decisions about their futures.

DCC has participated for several years and NSSED appreciates your continued support.  Thank you again on behalf of all the students that you have made a diffenernce for. Stephanie Vander Wal
Community Transition Specialist
North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED)

"This is an unqualified recommendation for DCC Ltd. Michael Menn and Andy Poticha are two individuals with many common traits: attention to detail, excellent communication, and superb representation of their client.

"In an era characterized by expediency, Michael Menn approached our project from a very fresh perspective. First, (he) sat down with us to discuss why we wanted to build an addition to our home. He was interested in our lifestyle, our living patterns, and our family. By contrast, other architects we interviewed were only interested in the project. Throughout the project, Michael was first a counselor and then and architect. "Andy Poticha, as our contractor, brought a strong interest in making sure we understood what was happening and when. His communication through the project was excellent. Every question (and we had many) was answered with a complete explanation. If there was a problem (and you will encounter problems [when remodeling]), Andy made sure we understood every aspect and the options for resolution. He was on site regularly, reviewing progress and making sure work was completed to the specifications of the drawings and our satisfaction... "Undertaking a construction project in your home is filled with anxiety. Michael Menn and Andy Poticha are individuals who know how to reduce the pressure and complete a top notch job."

Howard Mevis

"...Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our renovation and new construction. It is very rare to find a contractor who is intelligent and trustworthy. You are both and it showed in the way you handled our project: Our home turned out just the way we had dreamed...Living with your subcontractors for nine months, (and you as well!) we can honestly say that you are loyal, hardworking, professional, and knowledgeable. What a pleasure! ...You were always very responsive to any problems we encountered on the job, handling them in the most timely, cost-effective manner. (We) would not hesitate to hire DCC for our future work. Should any potential clients want a referral or even to see the outstanding job you have done in our home we would be more than happy to accommodate you in any way."

David & Sherriann Manci

"It is with great pleasure that Elaine and I offer this summary of our apartment remodeling project. As with most projects of this scope, we did not come close to anticipating the complexity of the project, building infrastructures, sub-contractor challenges or the time required by all parties to finish this project. Needless to say, the role our project manager, DCC, played was key to the overall success of our project.

"We started this project with one primary goal. Combine two adjacent (apartment) units into a single living space. We wanted a design that was as 'timeless' as the building, a Mies van der Rohe design; a space you could walk into in 10 years and not look dated. We wanted a very open plan, with as few walls as possible and, we wanted a very clean look. And, we wanted a contrast to our primary residence. "Because we prefer to take a 'hands-on' approach to our projects, we needed to select a contractor who was willing and able to effectively manager our participation in the project. We decided not to go through a complex bid process, instead preferring to interview the firm recommended by our architect.
"Our first impressions of DCC were very favorable. Andy and Michael did an exceptional job of presenting their capabilities, their ability to track the details of a complex remodeling project and their process of establishing a project cost plan and following that plan. Their portfolio represented large and small projects of traditional and contemporary design. We came away from the initial meeting with a clear understanding of the services provided by this firm, which is a testament to their ability to clearly communicate what they are about. "Start to finish, DCC delivered the highest level of professionalism. As mentioned earlier, we had a 'hands-on' approach to our project, resulting in frequent consultations with many of the trades. DCC did a fine job of managing our 'helping hand,' as well as the trades. Our primary residence is six hours away. DCC accommodated our frequent absence through frequent phone conferences, emails, and faxes. At no time during the project did we wonder 'what is going on.' "Remodeling in a high rise can easily lead to cost overruns (without scope change). Excluding the changes we made to the scope of this project, we had additional costs totaling less than 1% of the construction costs that were related to issues not specified in the bid. DCC were true to their word regarding the bid price for this project, delivering an exceptional product that met all of our requirements. "While we are not ready to jump in and begin another remodeling project in a high rise just yet, our experience with DCC was such that we would not hesitate engaging them in a project in the future. "Honesty, trust, good communication, excellent execution. DCC has earned our confidence by exhibiting these traits."

Elaine & Hunter Henry

Mary and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our kitchen remodeling and the extension of the front of our house. We are thoroughly pleased not only with the quality of the work, but with your attention to our needs and your responsiveness to our requests and inquiries.

"The kitchen and eating area addition are perfect, and we spend considerable time there; in fact the 'eating area,' with its wonderful views down the golf course, is now also my work space. The renovation of the entry way has added grace and light which the house badly needed. And from the outside, it is splendid, merging with the existing structure and consistent with its period and design. "We had, of course, heard the horror stories about unresponsive general contractors and disappearing subcontractors, but we experienced none of that. Your subs were on the job continuously, and they appeared every day that they were expected; they were polite and considerate and they left the job site in a clean condition each day, a requirement which you were diligent in enforcing. "We were particularly impressed with your response to unanticipated conditions and the innovative and cost conscious manner in which you solved them in our very old house. "We were equally impressed by your response to man-made problems. Each issue which we, or our architect, raised, was dealt with honestly and professionally, even when we were, initially, in disagreement; we have come away satisfied with the resolution of each of them and were gratified by your insistence that inadequate work be, not merely repaired, but replaced--in this regard, I am thinking particularly of the slate flooring at the back entry which had mismatched (in color tone) pieces and your insistence that the countertops be refinished and sealed as a result of the grout which the tile installer permitted to infiltrate. Concerning the counters, I think that many contractors, and many homeowners, might have been satisfied, but you insisted on the refinishing without our even having to raise the question. "I know from our architect that there were other matters which escaped our attention but which you insisted be redone or replaced because they did not meet your standards. We were not even aware of the replacement of the mason who did move to the schedule. We did get some inkling when your punchlist not only included every item on ours, but was more extensive then ours; and you have been diligent in completing the list. "Our best testimony to your skill and style is the fact that we came to be perfectly comfortable relying completely on your judgement as to the quality levels of the work performed and as to the appropriateness of various other matters. We never felt adversary to you; we always felt that you were part of the 'Owner's Team.' "We would be delighted to be added to your reference list, and will recommend you to friends and strangers alike without reservation."

Lawrence M. Mages, Wilmette

"Enormous favors deserve no discount. David and Ann were pleased to send a donation of $300 to the American Red Cross (of Greater Chicago) in honor of Design Construction Concepts, Ltd. Additional thanks should arrive Tuesday from the Pure Food Fish Market of Seattle as a small token of our thanks.

It was extremely kind of Michael to take two hours out of his busy schedule to review our Seattle house plans. As a result, we feel the plans have been improved and we feel much calmer and happier about this project. Thank you so much for your help. As always, it was a pleasure to see both of you."

David and Ann Diaz

"We cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service and attention to detail. You have made our existing house into a masterpiece. The size of our house increased to eight bedrooms and the value of our home has increased three-fold. You were honest, helpful and excellent architects. The construction project went smoothly and you stayed within the date of completion. When we added extras, you helped us decide what would be beneficial to our home. We had no headaches because both of you took care of the whole construction process. We are glad that it is over and we are enjoying a bigger more beautiful home. We will highly recommend you in the future and we would use you again ourselves. Thank you for going the extra mile to make us happy."

Jill and Max Chasanov

"Many thanks for the wonderful chocolate treats! We're all enjoying them, and we love our new kitchen and family room. Thank you for a job well done."

Mary Claire and Terry Belton

"...Both Mr. & Mrs. Berman are EXTREMELY happy (as are Rob and myself) with how this project turned out and the work that you have done. I definitely look forward to our next project together and will let you know the minute something comes up. Thank you again."

Barry Petrie, Reinhold & Petrie Inc.

"As our addition is complete, we want to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you again! We're thrilled with our new exercise room/retreat, and think your guys did a terrific job. They were not only professional, but were a pleasure to have around as well.

"Andy, you were right 'on top of things,' and it was comforting to know that we could call you or Michael anytime and be cheerfully received and responded to. You are a great team, and we look forward to working with you on future projects..."

Debbie & Steve Macklin

Let me start by saying what a wonderful design you provided for our home. It's simply gorgeous. This is not just a selfish opinion, it is also based on the opinions of neighbors, family and friends who have visited out home...Please feel free to use our home as a reference, as we could highly recommend you based on the following:
The detailed architectural plans
Your love and appreciation for your trade
Your understanding and awareness (including cost) of your trade
Your experience and knowledge
Your communication, planning and follow-up
Your proven past business ethics and practices
Your proven past job performance
Simply said, you're pleasant people to work with!

"The combination of all the above makes your company a complete, well-rounded, solid organization. Not only is your organization priceless, but every item above is critical when choosing a contractor--and easily overlooked...I believe that most people like ourselves really want a quality job at a fair price and are willing to pay a little extra to insure the quality."

Mark & Mary LaRose

"It is a total pleasure to discuss our new home addition and reconstruction project performed by DCC.

"We took our home redesign project very seriously. We gathered a multitude of information on prospective architects and building contractors who had recently worked in our local area, and then interviewed them. We chose to work with DCC because we knew that from the designing of the architectural plans, overseeing all daily work activities, and finishing a total quality job, on time, within budget, was SOP (standard operating procedures) for DCC. And it certainly was.
"During the design phase, we were given a multitude of design configurations and options to choose from. We were excited at the creativity and total attention to detail. Like most people, we changed our minds constantly and kept asking for different versions of the same plans. DCC's only concern was our complete satisfaction. "A major criterion for choosing DCC was knowing they would complete the work on schedule. Remodeling your home while living in it is an unsettling experience. However, it is made easy to cope with when you can count on a limited time of intrusion. It is the rule, not the exception for any construction/reconstruction project to be completed late. DCC adhered strictly to a detailed time/work schedule they provided us before the work started. From the starting date, to the time frame to complete the individual modules of the project was followed precisely. We even had many "we're ahead of schedule" surprises. The total project was even completed ahead of schedule. "Every day the DCC people were personally visiting the job site. While guiding and double-checking the work of the tradesmen, they always sought one of us out to update us on the work being done and what to be expecting next. We really appreciated the consideration and the attention to detail.
"The tradesmen that DCC employs are of the highest professional level, but that is just part of it. We were treated as if the house actually belonged to us. We never felt we were intruding on them. They walked on eggshells at times, to avoid interfering with our family and were always respectful and courteous. Everyday the work areas were cleaned up, swept, and organized. Friends of ours commented on how unbelievably neat everything was kept. "We could not recommend DCC more highly (we already have to others) to be used in any design or building capacity. Our house is beautiful! The cost of the project was what they said it was going to be. We wanted a worry-free experience, and it totally was. They are at the head of the class in their profession.

David & Susan Jacobson, Northbrook

Jay and I wanted to thank you for the chocolate house. It was so thoughtful of you and we appreciate it.
"Additionally we would like to thank you both very much for doing such a great job on our home. We are so thankful (and amazed) that even after all of the problems we had on this project, mostly due to the fact that we hired (name omitted), that our project was completed on time. I am not sure I could have handled any delay and therefore, appreciated the workforce you had at our house every day!
"Our home looks lovely and we know that our three children and ourselves will enjoy many, many, many years here with our friends and family. (You're included in the former category!)
"Thanks again for all of your support and help."

Karen and Jay Fine

"I'd like to thank you once again for going "above and beyond" in helping someone you didn't even know. Your kindness is really appreciated. I have your card in my possession, and you can rest assured I'll always recommend you."

Ruth Harpe

"We are extremely pleased with our experience with DCC in remodeling our new home. Our home was 30 years old when we purchased it and it needed a considerable amount of work prior to occupying it. We replaced the entire kitchen, all of the bathrooms and many of the hard surfaces in the house.
"Throughout the project, Andy Poticha and Michael Menn made sure everything was done properly and on time. Because of their expertise, they noticed things we would have never seen and often had them corrected without us even knowing about it. When unexpected issues arose (and they always do), they were handled with grace and cheer, solving them economically and efficiently, so the project remained on schedule. We are quite pleased with our new home and DCC minimized the amount of aggravation and time we had to go through to reach our objective."

Bret & Marjorie Maxwell

"Kay and I wanted to say what a great pleasure it has been working with you both and with Steve Rechtsteiner. As a project manager, he was everything we could have wished for and to him goes the credit for making all the small details fall into place. His advice, counsel and decision making, coupled with his attention to detail were invaluable.

I must admit that in the beginning of the project, I had a definite objective in mind. It is always hard to clearly communicate a concept and personal vision to someone else to exectue. You listened, modified, improved and translated a general thought into exactly the vision that existed in my head. The end result is a unit that encompasses exactly the features and components that were critical to us. As we now stand and look at the finished product of your efforts it is hard to remember the mess that we started with. Several of our neighbors have come and looked at the finished result. Everyone has been most impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail. The task before us now is to finish the unit; some of the task is currently in progress. Some of the eventual furnishings have yet to be defined. But even in its current shape, the unit is stunning. Please feel free at any time to show the unit to others if you so desire and also to freely give our name and phone number to anyone who would like a recommendation. At this point in time, I do not plan another renovation project; but, if one should arise, I promise you will be the design and construction company of choice. Once again, thank you and please keep in touch. "It is a total pleasure to discuss our new home addition and reconstruction project performed by DCC. "We took our home redesign project very seriously. We gathered a multitude of information on prospective architects and building contractors who had recently worked in our local area, and then interviewed them. We chose to work with DCC because we knew that from the designing of the architectural plans, overseeing all daily work activities, and finishing a total quality job, on time, within budget, was SOP (standard operating procedures) for DCC. And it certainly was.

John F. Serratelli

"Now that we're settled in our home and marvel at the beautiful outcome of our home renovation, we thank you for your professional and personal help throughout the entire time. You are certainly a hands-on employer. You were here ever step of the way and always available if we had any questions (no matter how small). We were also impressed with the craftsmen you brought in, always insisting on top work and materials. My neighbors even commented on the workmen's gentlemanly behavior. We look around our home and thank you for making it happen. We look forward to working with you again. PS, I even miss our daily phone calls."

Ferne and Howard Stone